I’m not excusing Trump’s behavior at all in my article. I’m talking about the fact that people weigh the tragedy more on Trump than antisemitism, and that bothers me. Most of the tweets and outpour I saw didn’t even mention the word antisemitism or Jew, but it just started with Trump and gun policies. That is the place that this article came from. However, that is MY opinion and just because we disagree doesn’t mean you’re wrong or I’m right and vice versa. Also, as much as my opinion may bother you, I will not take this article down. It’s my right to write what I feel as long as I’m not promoting violence, hate speech, or anything else intentional to harm another human being. We all have the right to our opinions, and that’s what makes the human experience beautiful. Be well and I wish you nothing but the best.

In the middle of my 27th lap around the sun-fueled by music, art, & love; mostly comedy and writing out my feelings for the world to read ❤

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