Antisemitism: The Most Accepted and Tolerated Form of Bigotry

If you’re seeing the title and already rolling your eyes, then I dare you to read on with an open mind. To this date, I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that hatred for Jews is engraved into the heart of society world-wide. Today, most people are fighting against racism, homophobia, islamaphobia, sexism, and all else immoral in the world. What is the one thing that I did not add onto the holy and just list? Antisemitism. Of course, Jews like myself should not feel hurt or ashamed given we all have money, power, and influence in the world yeah? Well, myself and most other Jews who came from nothing beg to differ.

Contrary to popular belief, not every Jew in America is loaded with money, power, and cars. More to the point, I have family who grew up with absolutely NOTHING but luck if they had a good meal at least once a week. Yet, somehow antisemitism isn’t percieved as serious because of the common stereotype of our financial status. And of course, I’m just another angry Jew complaining about another situation being “anti-semitic” when it’s blown out of proportion, yeah? So if Michael Jackson could sing lyrics saying “Jew me, sue me” and “kick me, Kike me” with most people coming to his defense, then why doesn’t Roseanne Barr get a pass?

Like Michael, her feelings were hurt when people called her racist but that didn’t matter. And unlike Michael, Roseanne lost her entire career for making a racist comment, but he is still a legend today even after using the word Kike in his lyrics. Kike is the “n” word towards Jews, and nobody should ever use it just as no one should use the “n” word either. Unfortunately, Michael got away with this while Roseanne lost everything. Needless to say, I’m not defending her remarks but making a very true point as to how people are selectively outraged depending on who and what.

Photo by Ben Ostrower on Unsplash

In regards to more double standards, I truly want to know how it can be that racist remarks about skin color or horrendous but praising Hitler is nothing? I’m talking Louis Farrakhan and his acceptance by figures who fight for Black Lives Matter and against all forms of bigotry (except Jew hatred). Here is a man spewing hatred and demonizing Jewish people yet he’s recieved the warmest of hugs from the leaders of the BLM movement and the Women’s March. This all leaves me truly questioning those who say they want to end racism because then again, they’re supporting another type with just a different label.

The likes of Charlamagne Tha G-d, a radio host constantly calling white people mayonnaise, can give this man a platform while bashing bigotry. Yet, this is the same piece of garbage that has called Jews the “satanic Jews” and praised Hitler. Well, do we not matter to the world around us? I mean, people who support Trump are Nazis and racists, but Louis Farrakhan supporters get a pass? Is this because he’s black and most Jews are perceived to be white even though we’re just as much a target to the KKK? To be honest, it’s foolish to give love to a man who would cream his pants if Hitler came to life. By the same token, embracing anyone who is racist would be foolish and the double standards need to end.

Moving more into selective outrage, let’s talk about global outrage and solidarity. Everyone cries about racism and even homophobia worldwide but never sheds a tear for the Jews being attacked. Most people could care less about the Jews who were murdered in a Kosher deli in France back in 2015. I had never seen any profile pictures painted in Jewish stars to stand in solidarity like society did for the terror attacks on London, Paris, and major citites as a whole. Better yet, Barack Obama referred to the dead victims as “some folks in a deli” and that was degrading as hell. So, any random person who wouldn’t have had a clue beforehand what Kosher even means would see this as a random attack rather than what it truly was: An attempt to slaughter Jewish people.

And you know what’s even more enraging about that? The American president at the time had such disregard for the victims and the nature of the terror attack. Yet, those incidents had never been isolated and still are not. In 2017 alone, many Jewish Community Centers nationwide had been on high alert due to bomb threats. Additionally, three Jewish cemeteries in twelve days were vandalized with swastikas yet people still couldn’t understand the fear we faced then and now. What’s even more sad is that all of these “social justice warriors” and people who fight against everything racist turned a blind eye. There was no social media outpour of rage and support but merely deafening silence from the very same people who claim to fight against hatred.

Honestly, as I’m writing this, tears of rage and frustration are starting to fall down my face. I am sick and tired of people making excuses for antisemitism while raising hell over all things racist and homophobic. No one was outraged for us when participants in the Dyke March of Chicago were kicked out because of their rainbow flag with a Star of David on it. Better yet, people applauded the decision of the leaders because the flag “triggered” their discomfort with Zionism. And these are the same women fighting for their equal place in society. The same antisemites who justify their hatred with simple “politics” are the ones bashing society for not accepting them. It’s a double standard, and that is a norm when it comes to Jewish people and the rest of the world.

Just as black people should not have to ever be told to get over slavery, neither should Jews with the Holocaust. If having black friends doesn’t excuse someone’s racism, then having been to twenty bar mitzvahs should never excuse antisemitism. Not all of us are rich, big nosed, and in control of CNN and Fox News. And even if we were in control of the media, does that truly excuse constant attempts for our genocide? Absof*ckinglutely not. To say that antisemitism isn’t a problem because of successful Jews is to say racism doesn’t exist in America because we had a black president and a Beyonce running pop culture. In spite of that, most people don’t care and will continue to propel antisemitism while fighting to repel all other forms of hatred.

Outrage towards emojis on telephones leads to different skin tones and women faces with hijabs, but none representing a Jew. One could say that the menorah and Star of David should be enough, but where are the rabbis and orthodox women emojis with their head coverings? How come in the newest attempts to diversify advertisements there is a girl with a burka but no boy with a yarmulke? Are we that unimportant that no one could ever consider our representation in society beyond the rich man stereotype? And when people talk about fighting against racism, homophobia, and islamaphobia, how come there is NEVER a mention of fighting against antisemitism? Why?

Honestly, if this is the way of the equal rights movement today, then I choose to stay far away. That doesn’t mean that I would ever excuse racism or lay indifferent to injustices, but I refuse to be part of any movement that doesn’t stand for my people too. The white supremacist march included men throwing their hands in the air to hail Hitler alongside their fight against equal rights for black and white people. Neo Nazis were chanting “the Jews will not replace us”, but everyone forgot that when it was time to be outraged. I’m tired of this and will not apologize for speaking my mind in these polarizing times. My ancestors didn’t escape persecution to come to a country that still harbors beliefs originating from those who want them dead in the first place.

“woman holding banner” by Melany Rochester on Unsplash

In the middle of my 27th lap around the sun-fueled by music, art, & love; mostly comedy and writing out my feelings for the world to read ❤

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